Articles and Commentaries

The following articles discuss

  • the NC-17 rating,
  • the movie ratings system in general,
  • controversies regarding movie ratings, and
  • some reviews of specific NC-17-rated movies.

Date Article
Sept. 2007 How Ang Lee Earned His NC-17
Sept. 2007 Ang Lee's latest nabs NC-17 rating; Focus Features fine with MPAA decision
Sept. 2007 The Naked Truth: Why Hollywood Doesn't Make X-rated Movies, by Kevin S. Sandler
April 2007 Debating the MPAA's mission
March 2007 'Respectable' NC-17 Movies
January 2007 Q&A: Ben Meade -- The director of American Stag on dredging dirty movies from America's basement
January 2007 MPAA wants NC-17 back: Glickman urges indies to embrace rating
Sept. 2006 Censoring gay films?
August 2006 MPAA Rates Film About MPAA Ratings As NC-17
March 2006 Dismissal sought of obscenity count -- Ayersville H.S. teacher showed NC-17 film
January 2006 Rating (and Finding) the Movie Raters
December 2005 "Rated" documentary rates NC-17 from MPAA
Nov. 2005 The Hills Have an NC-17 Rating
August 2005 "Truth" Hurts with NC-17
Nov. 2004 Review of Bad Education
Nov. 2004 Male frontal nudity in the movies uncovers an old debate
Nov. 2004 We need more sex (research). -- The release of Kinsey underscores the continuing rift in sexual understanding.
Nov. 2004 Movie Industry Takes Cues from Blockbuster
Sept. 2004 NC-17 rating fails to vex Waters
August 2004 "Team America: World Police" dodges NC-17 rating
May 2004 With NC-17, the picture gets fuzzy
April 2004 Breaking the Barrier to NC-17
April 2004 NC-17 films make a comeback
February 2004 Review of The Dreamers by Roger Ebert
January 2004 Nudity in Films
Nov. 2003 Rating the Rating System
May 2002 NC-17: Art or Pornography?
January 2002 The Dharma Blues, or how I brooded but did not weep over Kubrick's bomb
2002 X to NC-17: The Evolution of Film's Most Controversial Rating
Nov. 2001 Lot 47 Films comments on the ratings system
June 2001 discussion on movie ratings
May 2001 More Indies Avoid Film Ratings
2001 Controlling Hollywood: Censorship and Regulation in the Studio Era, by Matthew Bernstein
Nov. 2000 NC-17's High Price
October 2000 F*#K NC-17
August 2000 Why Ratings Suck
August 2000 Anal-ize this -- As Hollywood comedies get coarse 'n' coarser, ratings ain't what they used to be
March 2000 First Annual Stony Awards Show Lights Up The Screen
August 1999 Is the 'A' Rating Only a Thing of the Past?
July 1999 Dead cert: the NC-17 rating
1998 The Rating Game
May 1997 Broken English - NC-17 Controversy
October 1995 NC-17 At Your Neighborhood Theater

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