Comprehensive List
of NC-17 Movies

This is a comprehensive listing, by year, of movies that have been rated NC-17 by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Note: some other films are also included, such as unrated films or films whose rating was changed from NC-17 at some time. These films are noted accordingly.

Year Film Title Note Distributor
2013 Blue Is The Warmest Color   IFC Films
2013 Lucky Bastard   CAVU Pictures
2012 Killer Joe NR(surr) LD Entertainment
2011 Shame   Twentieth Century Fox
2011 A Serbian Film   Invincible Pictures
2011 El Infierno   Pantelion Films
2009 The Night Buffalo   Distrimax
2007 Marie And Jack: A Hardcore Love Story   Comstock Films
2007 100 Tears   Crytzer Enterprizes, et. al.
2007 Lust, Caution   Focus Features
2007 Descent   City Lights Pictures
2006 Secretaries   Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc.
2006 This Film Is Not Yet Rated NR(surr) IFC Films
2005 Law of Desire   Sony Pictures Classics
2005 Where The Truth Lies NR(surr) Thinkfilm
2005 Ma Mere   Tla Releasing
2005 Gettin' Even   Ventura Distribution, Inc.
2005 Matador   Sony Pictures Classics
2005 Inside Deep Throat   Universal Studios
2004 Bad Education   Sony Pictures Classics
2004 A Dirty Shame   Fine Line Features
2004 Young Adam R-DVD Sony Pictures Classics
2004 High Tension   Lions Gate Films
2004 The Dreamers   Twentieth Century Fox
2003 In the Cut NR Sony Pictures
2003 Wadd: The Life & Times Of John C. Holmes   Vca Labs
2002 The Story of O   Ventura Distribution, Inc.
2001 Wvag In New York City   The
2001 L.I.E.   Lot 47 Films
2001 The Center of the World NR Artisan Entertainment
2000 Requiem for a Dream   Artisan Entertainment
2000 Trois R(edit) Columbia Tristar Home Video
1999 Female Trouble   Fine Line Features
1999 The Barcelona Erotic Film Festival   Shayla Productions
1998 Glam   Cineville, Inc.
1998 La Grande Bouffe   Sceneries Distribution
1998 Orgazmo   October Films
1998 Two Girls And A Guy (1) Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
1997 The Pillow Book NR Columbia TriStar
1997 Hell's Belles   South Pacific Productions
1997 Last Tango In Paris   Mgm Home Entertainment Inc.
1997 Pink Flamingos   Fine Line Features
1997 Bent   Mgm Distribution Co.
1996 Inserts   MGM/UA Home Entertainment Inc.
1996 Broken English   Sony Pictures Classics
1996 Crash   Fine Line Features
1995 The Hottest Bid   Deborah Films
1995 Showgirls   MGM/UA Distribution Co.
1995 Showgirls: Sneak Preview   MGM/UA Home Entertainment Inc.
1995 Comfortably Numb   Meistrich Corp.
1995 Delta Of Venus   Fine Line Features
1994 Erotique R,1998 Unknown
1994 Paris, France   N/A
1994 Evil Dead   Unknown
1993 Man Bites Dog   Roxie Releasing
1993 Tokyo Decadence   Northern Arts Entertainment, Inc.
1992 Intent To Kill   N/A
1992 The Loves Of Lady Chatterly   Unknown
1992 Poison   Unknown
1992 Bad Lieutenant   Unknown
1992 Easyriders Video Magazine #13   N/A
1992 Wide Sargasso Sea   New Line Cinema
1992 Tower Of Terror   N/A
1992 Tropic Of Cancer   Paramount Pictures Corp.
1991 Modern Love   Holiday Enterprises
1991 Myriam   Comsat Video Enterprises, Inc.
1991 Rodney Dangerfield "Nothin' Goes Right"   Orion Home Video
1991 Santa Sangre R(edit) Expanded Entertainment
1991 The Shadowed Mind   Northern Film Traders
1991 Arabian Nights   Water Bearer Films, Inc.
1991 Flesh Gordon II   Filmvest International
1991 Emmanuelle The Joys Of A Woman   Paramount Pictures Corp.
1991 Games Of Love   Spectradyne, Inc.
1991 Dice Rules   Seven Arts
1991 The Dolls   Platinum Pictures, Inc.
1991 Bizarre   Spectradyne, Inc.
1991 Dark Obsession   Circle Releasing Corp.
1991 The Canterbury Tales   Water Bearer Films, Inc.
1991 In The Realm Of The Senses   Gades Films International, Ltd.
1990 Henry & June   Universal City Studios, Inc.
1990 Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls   Cbs/fox
1990 Blonde Emanuelle In 3-D   Movie Visions
1990 Centerspread   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover   Miramax Films
1990 Whore   Trimark Pictures
1990 Softly From Paris - Series I   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 Softly From Paris - Series II   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 Softly From Paris - Series III   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 Softly From Paris - Series IV   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 Softly From Paris - Series V   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!   Miramax Films
1990 In The Cold Of The Night   Omega Entertainment
1990 Midnight Woman   Greenbow Pictures
1990 Nineteen Hundred   Paramount Pictures Corp.
1990 Peepshow   Comsat Video Enterprises, Inc.
1990 Play Thing   Atlas International Film Gmbh
1990 Radio Active   Stardusk Entertainment
1990 Razor Blade Smile   Palm Pictures
1990 Romantic Memoirs   Spectradyne, Inc.
1990 The Secret Sex Lives Of Romeo And Juliet   Spectradyne, Inc.


  • NR -- not rated
  • NR(surr) -- not rated (NC-17 rating was surrendered)
  • R,year -- previously rated NC-17, the rating changed to R in the indicated year
  • R(edit) -- originally rated NC-17, the R rating was assigned to an edited version of the film
  • R-DVD -- the DVD carries an R rating
  • (1) -- the R-rated DVD version includes audio commentary on the scene that differs between the NC-17 and R versions

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